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Camp Benjamin and WIN Farm hosts the 16th National Organic Agriculture Congress (NOAC)

As a farming country, the Philippines has always been a huge exporter of rice to neighboring countries and beyond.  Over the past decade, the need for organic and natural food has increased.  The Department of Agriculture with its regional offices held the 16th National Organic Agriculture Congress (NOAC) in Region IV-A, Cavite, at Camp Benjamin, last November 12 to 15, 2019.

An all-natural way to reach body goals and maintain health

Eating healthy should be everyone’s priority especially in this day and age.  More and more doctors prescribe proper diet and regular exercise to prevent patients from developing lifestyle diseases.  For those with chronic illnesses, living healthy is a long-term solution to manage their condition.

Before thinking of losing or gaining weight, prioritizing overall health should be the starting point.  Eating salad in the morning can give the body an energy boost for a productive day.

Workplace eye-candy: Benefits of having a corporate garden

In general, workplaces rarely have a hint of nature.  A day in the office consists of staring at a computer screen all day, catching a glimpse of the cubicle wall for a quick breath while suffering from poor posture.  The corporate life isn’t all colorful when you think about it. 

Located in Alfonso, Cavite, WIN Farm promotes the development of corporate gardens in urban areas.

The future of farming and agriculture

When choosing a career path, youths are quick to avoid the road leading to agriculture and farming.  Millennials and younger generations are encouraged to pursue studies and careers in other sectors, leaving them with no appreciation for the industry that feeds them.  This is why people’s perception on farming and agriculture needs to be changed especially in this day and age.

Here’s the reality: traditional farming practices can no longer keep up with the increasing population.


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